How Engyne will take over the world

Engyne's company strategy on how Programmatic SEO will create more startup unicorns with staff of less than 5 people.

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    Current Landscape

    SaaS startups are known to be high margins and high growth, but most die before they see the light of day because founders cannot build an effective content marketing strategy to bring consistent, long-term growth. Content writing agencies that write 4-16 posts a month at $350/post to write blog posts are: slow, do not optimize for conversions, and boast results after n months. As a result, most SaaS startups end up choosing paid ads for instant results, ending up with a high CAC.


    Already existing product data, insights from existing customers can be used to create high quality marketing pages that rank in Google Search and bring new, organic users. The resulting CAC is extremely low compared to paid ads.


    Increase the number of under 5-person unicorns in the world


    Where an under 5 person team can create a $1B valuation SaaS business (100M revenue ARR)


    1. Make content marketing easy for SaaS founders using Programmatic SEO
    2. Handle their entire content marketing channel
    3. Drive CAC lower than any other channel
    4. Become a leader in Programmatic SEO marketing


    • % startups making $16M per month, $1.6M per month, $160K per month, $16K per month, $1.6K per month
    • No of keywords in top 10 positions
    • No of content pieces posted by Engyne


    1. Create content pages from Airtable data
    2. Optimize them for conversions
    3. Measure which pages are getting traffic/conversions, and track why
    4. Generate copy-pastable snippets for distribution on socials
    5. Allow for user generated content to be incorporated into Programmatic pages to make them more defensible
    6. Expand the list of data source integrations to generate new marketing content on the fly. Currently it's only Airtable.


    SaaS startups built by technical founders is a wedge for a much larger market to expand into, which is, Content Marketing

    1. High growth - We can be with them as they scale
    2. Fast iterations