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How to create your first Programmatic SEO page with Engyne

How to create your first Programmatic SEO page with Engyne

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Programmatic SEO is the fastest way to scale your content marketing. You can target a large number of very similar-sounding, but very useful queries from Google with a system.

In this guide, we will create a Programmatic SEO collection of pages to target the keyword - interview questions for <role> . Looking at Ahrefs, there's a ton of opportunity for this.

Create an Engyne account

Let's start by creating a new Engyne project and setting up a new project:

  1. Sign up for an Engyne account at app.engyne.ai
  2. Create a new project by clicking on New on the top right
  3. Give it a new name

Set up data in Airtable

Airtable is a great way to organize the data that will be shown on each of our Programmatic pages. It's free and easy to use. In our case, we will put together a list of interview questions per job role we want to target.

  1. Create a new Airtable base called Interview Questions
  2. Add 3 columns:
    • Role (Single line Text) - Name of the role
    • Image (Attachment) - Blog image
    • Questions (Long Text) - Numbered list of 10 interview questions
  3. Fill out a few rows with data. I used ChatGPT with the below prompt to create the questions:
Generate 10 interview questions for a <role> role
  1. For the images, download them for free from unsplash.com and upload them in the Airtable cells

This is what my Airtable looks like at the end:

Sample AirtableSample Airtable

Create your Programmatic SEO collection

  1. Head over to the Programmatic section in Engyne's dashboard and click New Collection
  2. Name it - Interview questions for roles

Before we can start creating the page template, we have to connect the Airtable. Let's do that next.

Sync Airtable data

  1. Click Connect Airtable in Collection Settings

  2. Click Sync Data in Engyne Dashboard to import all the row data from Airtable

Now with the data imported, we are ready to start designing our page.

Design your page template

This is where Engyne shines - as you write the page copy, you can specify column names from the Airtable in curly brackets (e.g. {{role}}) and Engyne will in real-time create variations of that page for every row.

  1. Create a new Text for the title.
# 10 Top Interview Questions for your {{role}} role
  1. Create another Text block for the contents and add:
In today's fast-paced business world, hiring the right person for a specific role is crucial. A wrong hire can cost a company both time and money, while the right hire can significantly contribute to its success. At Betterhire, we understand this challenge and offer a video interviewing platform that aids B2B companies in their hiring process. 

But, an effective hiring process isn't complete without a set of well-thought-out interview questions. In this blog post, we'll discuss the top 10 interview questions you should ask when hiring for your {{role}} role.

## Understanding the Role

Before diving into the questions, it's essential to understand the {{role}} role. This will help you tailor your questions to assess the qualities and skills necessary for the role.

## Top 10 Interview Questions for Your {{role}} Role


## Wrapping Up

Remember, these questions are a guide and should be tailored to meet your specific hiring needs. The goal is to understand the candidate's capability and suitability for the {{role}} role. At Betterhire, we are committed to helping you streamline your hiring process and find the best fit for each role. 

Good luck with your next hire!
  1. Add a header image to the post by creating an Image component and entering: {{image_0}}.
  2. Click the arrow on the top right of the Preview screen to see variations of the page for the other job roles.

Add SEO tags

All of the components of a page can have variables in them with Engyne, even the URL and the SEO meta tags.

Update the SEO information by clicking the SEO tab on the right and updating the slug and title:

  1. For Slug URL, enter: /top-10-interviews-for-your-next-{{role}}
  2. For SEO Title, enter: 10 top interview questions for your {{role}} role
  3. Click Publish

Open your Engyne subdomain and your Programmatic SEO posts will be live at:

  1. https://<subdomain>.engyne.page/top-10-interviews-for-your-next-full-stack-software-engineer
  2. https://<subdomain>.engyne.page/top-10-interviews-for-your-next-receptionist
  3. https://<subdomain>.engyne.page/top-10-interviews-for-your-next-accountant

Amazing - now we have a Programmatic SEO system to pump out relevant SEO content at scale!

Next Steps

We just learned how to set up a base Programmatic SEO strategy. Extend it further by:

  1. Adding more rows to the Airtable which would create more pages
  2. Add more rich content to the page template - Youtube videos, quotes, CTAs all can be added

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