3 Juicy SEO Title Templates Every B2B startup should use
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3 Juicy SEO Title Templates Every B2B startup should use

A well-crafted title not only helps search engines understand the content of your blog post but also entices readers to click and engage with your content. It serves as a gateway to your blog post, giving potential readers a glimpse of what they can expect to find if they choose to click through.

Here's three juicy SEO title templates that every B2B startup should consider using:

1. Curated listicles

Formula: # <Curated List> for <Value>

  1. "7 best practices to keep in mind for your next sales call"
  2. "21 awesome business podcasts you should be listening to"
  3. "4 ways to find low difficulty keywords for your next blog post on a budget"

2. Competitors

Formula: <Option A> vs. <Option B> for <Target>

  • "Asana vs. Jira: Which is better for your Fintech business?"
  • "Webflow - The best Wordpress Alternative to fast moving startups"
  • "5 alternatives to Mailchimp in 2023 (free and paid)"

3. Explainers

Formula: <Concept>: <The value it will bring>

  • "Retrieval Augmented Generation: How you can fix hallucinations in your LLM outputs"
  • "Collaborative Learning: What is it & Why should every high performing classroom adopt it"
  • "Build in Public: How Indie Hackers are using it to build 6-figure businesses"

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