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How YourMove 3x'ed their daily sales with SEO using Engyne

How YourMove 3x'ed their daily sales with SEO using Engyne

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YourMove is an early-stage mobile app startup that helps young adults get more matches on dating apps. With more than 120K customers, they have been featured on NPR, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Journal.

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Dmitri, Founder of YourMove, wanted to turn the traffic spike for PR campaigns into long-term value by increasing the domain authority of the YourMove domain. Not having come from a Marketing background, he wasn’t sure what kind of content he could write that would perform in Google Search.


Engyne provided the content strategy + keyword research to follow. He was able to publish 10 new blog posts in a month, deploy them to Webflow and start seeing the initial traffic come in.

“The Engyne team gave me everything I needed to understand how SEO works, create a strategy, and generate pages that brought traffic to my site. Thanks to their app I was able to generate articles that looked far better than other AI tools I used, at a fraction of the cost of hiring writers.” - Dmitri from YourMove


Within 3 months, he was able to:

  • Publish 20 pages

  • Get 12K traffic

  • 3xed his daily sales

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Sukhpal Saini

Sukh is the CTO & Co-founder of Engyne. He has previously worked as a Software Engineer building ML infrastructure for companies like IBM, Apple, and Saks Fifth Ave. He now consults numerous Bay Area startups on growth using SEO & Content Marketing.

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