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How YourMove 3x'ed their daily sales with SEO using Engyne

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YourMove is changing the way young adults get more matches on dating apps. With more than 120K customers, they have been featured on CBS, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Journal.

Because most of their early PR traffic was diminishing, they wanted to find a more reliable marketing channel to drive new sign-ups.

In this case study, you'll learn more about their challenge and how they were able to solve it with Engyne.

I got everything I needed to understand how SEO works, create a strategy, and generate pages that brought traffic to my site. Thanks to their (Engyne's) app I was able to generate blog posts that sounded far better than other AI tools I used, at a fraction of the cost of hiring writers. - Dmitri Mirakyan (Founder of YourMove)


YourMove is an early-stage B2C startup based out of New York. They utilize the latest AI advancements to enhance your dating profiles and maximize matches. Their mission is to help more young people meet their potential life partners faster. With their flagship iOS app, you get suggestions of high-quality messages to send to your matches straight from the keyboard. That's not all! Their product suite consists of tools like AI Profile Photo Creator, Profile Reviewer, and Profile Writer.

YourMove iOS App on the App StoreYourMove iOS App on the App Store

YourMove's founder, Dmitri Mirakyan, comes from a deep experience in Data Science and has worked at recognizable companies like OpenDoor and Deloitte.


Not knowing what keywords to go for and how to write good content for SEO was a major challenge.

The YourMove team was great at generating a lot of early buzz with PR and tech publications, which got them a burst of early users. The problem rested in the instability of that traffic, which began to drop off after a few months. Dmitri knew that SEO could be a good channel for YourMove to grow consistently but lacked the resources to do it effectively.


Thankfully, Engine provided a comprehensive SEO strategy that led to YourMove confidently publishing great content within the first month.

For 3 months, YourMove and the Engyne team worked 1 on 1 to solve every problem along the way. YourMove was able to take the content strategy created by Engyne and start publishing 10+ new blog posts within the month, deploy them to /blog and start seeing signs of initial traffic come in.

YourMove's blog homepageYourMove's blog homepage

Here are 4 ways Engyne was able to help:

  1. Creating a full content strategy: Engyne learns about your business and the ICP you're serving from your landing page. Based on data-backed keyword research, we created a full content roadmap for YourMove for the next three months.

  2. Comprehensive content scoring: Engyne can automatically flag your writing for factors that affect the reading experience and SEO, such as: total number of internal/external links used, images added, and too much technical language used.

  3. Publish directly to Webflow CMS: Since YourMove already had their landing page on Webflow, Engyne was able to connect to their CMS and directly publish new posts there.

See a video testimonial by the founder on Youtube


YourMove grew their organic sales by 3x with Engyne's SEO recommendations within 6 months.

SEO is definitely a long-term channel, but YourMove was able to start seeing early signs of success within a few weeks. With just 20 posts published, they were able to see 12K unique visitors spending at least 5 mins reading on average.

After consistently publishing audience-centric content, YourMove was able to rank on Google's front page for keywords with a monthly volume of 198K and 39K. Below is their Ahrefs site report indicating the impact of their SEO.

Keyword Research report that shows the keywords YourMove site is ranking forKeyword Research report that shows the keywords YourMove site is ranking for

But that's not all! With topline traffic rising, YourMove saw a steady growth in their organic daily sales as well. In fact, they were able to grow their organic sales by 3x in just 6 months.

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