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BetterLegal Case Study

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Sep 11, 2023

BetterLegal is an online service that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses start, set up, and maintain their business entities in the US. With over 15k businesses formed and counting, the company always looks to improve its online presence and increase its customer base.

Goal: BetterLegal wants to improve its CAC by getting more organic customers and growing revenue from $700K ARR to $1M.

Rules for forming and operating a business vary tremendously from state to state. There are a ton of tax implications and hidden gotchas at every step.

This is why most customers come to BetterLegal feeling confused about:

  1. What type of business to set up and why?

  2. Which state is the best one and why?

  3. What rules and paperwork do I need to fill out for my state?

  4. How do I keep my business in good standing?

BetterLegal went directly to the heart of their customers’ struggles and decided to hyper-focus their content strategy on answering these common queries for all 50 states:

  1. How to Start an LLC in {State}

  2. How to Maintain an LLC in {State}

  3. How to File {Specialized Filing} in {State}

Keyword research

Just for the “start an llc” keyword, Ahrefs shows a traffic volume of 78K. Not bad! Plus the keyword difficulty is very attainable.

  1. Speed up publishing

Creating all these pages by hand would have been a momentous task. With Launchman, the team was able to parallelize the work by simply organizing data in Airtable, and creating a page layout that the data will show up in.

  1. Pages needed to evolve rapidly

Since Google takes time to start indexing pages, some content early is better than great content 4 months later. The team got a basic version of the page out and then start evolving the quality with better images, video, and interactive elements. Since the pages use the same page template. Any change applied to it is replicated over to the published pages immediately – no need to go in and edit one by one.

  1. Have pages stay on the domain as a subfolder

Marketing pages on a subfolder rather than a subdomain is preferred for SEO. Since the website is built on Bubble, the team could use Co-Alias and Launchman together to stay on the same domain.

Able to see his first organic sale within 10 days:

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