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How to Nurture Leads on your Engyne blog with Loops (And get them to convert!)

Convert more customers from your blogs by nurturing with a 7-day email sequence using Loops

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Capturing leads is easy. The hard part is getting them to convert into new business. In this post, I'll show you how you can use your Engyne blog to capture, nurture, and convert leads into customers.

Engyne adds this floating lead magnet offer on the right side of your blogs where readers can enter in their email to get access to the content. As a marketer, you can then set up an 7-day email sequence with Loops that delivers real value and gets them to convert.

Sample Sidebar CTA example on a blogSample Sidebar CTA example on a blog

Step 1: Set up Loops Integration

Loops is an amazing email marketing platform that can send automated sequences to a given email. We will use it to send an email sequence when a new lead signs up to our get our lead magnet. To set up the integration:

  1. Navigate to Engyne Settings > Integrations > Loops

  2. Switch to Loops and get your API key from Settings > API

  3. Press Save

Step 2: Create a lead magnet offer

Back in Engyne dashboard, go to Site > Lead Magnets and create a new one. Write a compelling title and description that immediately captures a reader's attention. Select Create Contact in Loops.

This is what ours looks like.

Creating a new lead magnet offer for Engyne blogCreating a new lead magnet offer for Engyne blog

Once created, you should be able to open a blog post and see the lead magnet in the right sidebar.

When a lead signs up, you will receive a notification email

You can also see all the leads in Site > Analytics > Leads. It will even show you the converting offer.

Leads dashboard in EngyneLeads dashboard in Engyne

Step 3: Send an email sequence with Loops

Once a new contact is added to Loops, you can set up a 7-day email sequence to nurture and eventually convert them on an offer.

After you've set up your Loops account and set up a sender, create a new Loops sequence with the trigger - Contact Added. This will run any time a new contact is added. To only continue the sequence when it's a lead coming from Engyne, we can add an Audience Filter step to filter by Source contains "engyne".

Filtering audience for a lead nurturing campaign in LoopsFiltering audience for a lead nurturing campaign in Loops

Here's the sequence I've set up with the exact copy:

Email 1
Subject: Here's your FREE "Go from 0 → 1 with SEO for your B2B SaaS" guide!
Hey there, just saw you just signed up to get our 0 to 1 guide to doing SEO for B2B SaaS.
Here you go :D
This video will teach you 95% of what you need to know about SEO in 30 mins.
My favorite insight is on 12:20. Be sure to not miss it!
Sukh from Engyne
(Wait 2 days)
Email 2
Subject: How was the "0 to 1 for B2B SaaS SEO" video?
Did you watch the video I sent you on "Go from 0 → 1 for B2B SaaS SEO"? Was it useful?
Sukh from Engyne
(Wait 2 days)
Email 3
Subject: 3 reasons why most B2B SaaS companies fail with SEO
Edgar and I have worked with 40+ SaaS founders (YC, Techstars, On Deck, Next36) in the last few years and here are the top reasons why they fail to get to organic traffic. #3 is my pet peeve.
Chasing high volume / low difficulty keywords: If you build an email marketing software and find that the keyword "horse" has a lot of traffic (exaggeration), that doesn't mean you should start writing blog posts about horses. You might get traffic but conversions will be ~0.
Not learning about the buyer's journey: Most customers are not ready to buy on Day 1. They need to be slowly moved down the buyer's journey with content from problem-aware to provider-aware, where they take out their credit card. If you're only writing top-of-the-funnel content, you are losing all new business.
Considering Changelog posts to be SEO content: The fundamental principle of content is that it should help customers solve their pain/questions. A changelog, product update post will not bring in any new business. Focus on writing detailed guides around the common questions your customers have.
Hopefully this was helpful, seeya soon!
Sukh from Engyne
(Wait 2 days)
Email 4
Subject: Need help getting customers from your blog? (Offer ends tomorrow)
Is your blog actually bringing in new sign-ups?
SEO has changed dramatically over the last few years, and unfortunately, most of the stale advice on the Internet doesn't work. I know this because I was in this same boat a few years ago.
If this is you, you're in luck.
Edgar and I have helped 40+ SaaS founders (YC, Techstars, On Deck, Next 36) in the last few years that have:
Tripled their revenue from organic
Raised millions in pre-seed
Had their photos in Times Square
We will do a limited-time SEO audit for your B2B SaaS and provide a report that covers:
How your current SEO is doing
What opportunities are you missing
Conversion Rate Optimization to make sure your blogs drive revenue
All this for $̶3̶0̶0̶ $200 (33% off just for you)
Interested? Let's jump on a quick call here.
Sukh from Engyne

Play around with email sequences yourself to see what works for you.

That's it! You just made your blog generate and convert leads for you automatically.

And if you're new to Engyne, you can sign up today at www.engyne.ai.

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Sukhpal Saini

Sukh is the CTO & Co-founder of Engyne. He has previously worked as a Software Engineer building ML infrastructure for companies like IBM, Apple, and Saks Fifth Ave. He now consults numerous Bay Area startups on growth using SEO & Content Marketing.

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