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How OneCliq created 150 bottom of the funnel posts in a weekend using Engyne

How OneCliq created 150 bottom of the funnel posts in a weekend using Engyne

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Onecliq is a Pre-Seed startup and creative content assistant that automatically helps creators, social media marketers and entrepreneurs transform long-form videos into short-form, highly shareable clips. 300+ creators use OneCliq to scale their content creation process today.

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Emanuel (Mano) Tsiris, Head of Marketing Growth & Strategy at OneCliq.io knew they were in a crowded space and it’s important to show how Onecliq is unique vs. their competition using content. Doing this was at the top of his priority list, but as with all early-stage startups, finding time to create 150 competitor pages manually is a tall ask. Imagine updating them one by one in a few months - nightmare!


Mano was able to use the Programmatic SEO feature in Engyne to turn his Airtable of competitor data into actual pages on his blog within a weekend - 150 of them. 

This is unreal. I can't even explain the reaction my team had when I went back to them on our first meeting of the week saying I had created and published 150 optimized competitor blog pages in 2 days… Not surprisingly, they were taken aback.- Mano from OneCliq


- With Engyne’s faster indexing system, all the 150 competitor pages were indexed within a week
  • First 250 clicks in 14 days

  • Ranking for 119 new keywords

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