Engyne vs. Byword AI: What's best for startups?

Engyne vs. Byword AI: What's best for startups?

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By Engyne team

Jul 26, 2023

Great content marketing software can be the difference between your SaaS shutting down with 0 customers vs. growing +100% month over month. We compare Engyne with Reword AI below to see how they stack up.

Engyne is currently available through Private Beta only. Click here to jump on the waitlist.

Byword AI offers a more straightforward approach with 5 free credits upon signing up. 1 credit = 1 page created.

Engyne offers a fixed monthly pricing model at $100 per month.

Byword AI adopts a tiered pricing structure that goes:

  • $5/credit: The first 50 credits come at a slightly higher rate.
  • $4/credit: Credits 51 to 250 are available at a reduced rate.
  • $3/credit: For users needing more than 250 credits, the cost per credit further decreases.

Byword also offers fixed prices starting from $99/month all the way to $2499/month.

Engyne helps you write SEO-optimized editorial blog posts that deliver your thoughts, opinions in the right way to your audience. Stuck? Engyne’s AI can suggest topics and write content for your Editorial post as well.

Byword AI also supports editorial blog posts that are written by an AI with SEO-optimized structure. Images are generated as well. You can generate a single article or create a batch of them in one go.

Engyne can create Programmatic SEO pages optimized for bottom of the funnel traffic perfect for conversions. You can connect to Airtable as the data source, create a page template, and watch 100s of pages get created in real time.

Byword currently does not do Programmatic SEO.

Engyne shines in its ability to understand and match your business tone, ensuring that your blog posts maintain a consistent voice across all content pieces.

Byword allows you to add adjective-based (e.g. lively and engaging, humorous) ton of voice to your blog posts.

Both Engyne and Byword AI allow users to generate sitemaps for their blogs. A sitemap helps search engines better crawl and index your website, leading to improved visibility in search results.

Engyne goes beyond content creation and offers hosting services and custom domains, allowing you to publish your blog posts directly on their platform.

Byword AI focuses solely on blog post generation.

Engyne provides robust analytics tools to track which blog posts are getting the most attention, and where the traffic is coming from. The Google Search Console API integration helps you understand what keywords people are typing in to get to your pages.

Byword AI does not do analytics

Engyne does not let you export your content.

Byword AI can export generated blog posts in multiple formats. They even have integrations with Wordpress, Zapier and offer API support.

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